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More About Our Club!

NCTAA Membership

The MSU table tennis club is a registered member of the National College Table Tennis Association which provides the opportunity to compete in tournaments from the regional to the national level. The NCTTA has singles (Men and Women's respectively) and team (co-ed) competions that typically are run twice a year, for the spring and fall season respectively.

Club and Team Membership

The MSU club table tennis is run and funded by membership dues and through donations. The membership dues are 20$ for one semester and 30$ for the whole term. Membership allows use of the top quality club materials as well as access to weekly coaching. Joining the club requires the signing of our Liability Waivers that are availble on the IMLeagues website MSU utilizes for club and intramural sports. The MSU team that participates in NCTTA tournaments is decided by a series of tryouts that occurs typically 2-4 weeks before the tournaments are scheduled. Students that have a full schedule and are in good academic standing are eligible to participate in these tournaments and the NCTTA eligibility rules are present here. The Club usually sends an Varsity team and a Junior Varsity team to compete which both can contain up to 8 members.

Practice and Training

There are two scheduled consistent practice sessions weekly for the table tennis club. These practices take place Monday and Wednesday nights from 7pm-10pm in the IM West Raquetball courts. Wednesday practices consist of coaching as well as conducting of drills and playing serious competitive games. Monday practices consist mostly of competitive gameplay and sets to hone the skills learned earlier in the week. Practice outside of these days using club facilities can be arranged and frequently occur to help develop and hone our skills in the game we love. Balls, nets, and tables are provided, but it is recommended to bring your own raquet and athletic shoes that are required in the raquetball courts.