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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be experienced to play?

No!! The table tennis club accepts all types of players and provides the opportunity to play casually as well as to foster your skills to acheive the level of play you desire.

What type of paddle should I have?

It is recommned that you use a inverted rubber type paddle, as this allows you the greatest control over the ball and provides the greatest opportunity for growth to beginner players. A paddle with smooth rubber at a sporting goods store is usuable, but for a slightly higher quality paddle check out any of the combos from this website ( Any other questions about specifics of paddles and for recoomendations talk to one of the club officers at a practice.

How long is a standard game?

Games are scored to 11 points, with the serve alternating every two points. In the case of a deuce (10:10) the serve alternates every point and the game needs to be won by two points.

How do you serve the ball?

There are a variety of rules regarding the serve which are outlined succinctly here.

Do I need to stay for the entirety of practice?

No, the long practice times allow for members with differing schedules to attend as they please, but staying the whole practice time allows for you to become the best player you can.

What types of tournaments does the team participate in?

In addition to the NCTTA sanctioned tournaments, there are a variety of tournaments run in Michigan throughout the academic year. Typically information regarding these tournaments is distributed at practices, and these tournaments are divied into multiple skill level sections, so that you can enjoy playing at a competitive stage no matter your level.